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Will the hull get damaged when I beach the boat?2019-10-28T22:08:18+02:00

Some scuffing may appear over time, but the hull is exceptionally durable and strong with our composite support structure.

Will my material fade or discolour?2019-10-28T22:22:53+02:00

No, we use only the highest quality materials from Mediterranean Europe which are UV stable with no signs of fading over many years.

Will Falcon last in hotter climates?2019-10-28T22:15:35+02:00

Yes. Valmex and TPU in hotter humid climates lasts longer than some Hypalon boats, as the glue with Hypalon boats can fail.

Why does Falcon not use Hypalon?2020-04-07T10:49:21+02:00

Hypalon is an exceptional material, but the fact that it needs to be glued on the seams makes it vulnerable to failure. Pressure relief valves can also get dirty and fail, resulting in constant re-inflation. Our tube construction with Valmex and TPU has seen longer lifetime than Hypalon boats. Read more about the difference between Valmex & Hypalon here.

What materials do you use?2019-10-28T16:13:16+02:00

With over 30 years experience and testing, we’ve combined the best materials in the industry to produce a top quality RIB. We’re also continually testing new materials entering the industry to ensure our boats are built with the most advanced products on the market. 

All our Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIBs) tubes are fully thermo-welded with either European manufactured Valmex® or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). 

We can accommodate any custom colour, however these are our most popular colours in Valmex®: 

What is the timeline from placing an order to receiving the RIB at my destination?2019-10-28T15:43:58+02:00

Week 1 | Enquiry

Once we receive an enquiry, we will discuss options, customisation and your potential delivery date.

Week 2 | Placing of Order

Final order is received and confirmed by deposit payment. Necessary materials are ordered & order is sent to factory. 

Week 3-8 | Production

Production starts. Standard production takes an average of 6 weeks depending on order quantity & customisation. 

Week 9-11 | Shipping

Once production is complete & a shipping date has been set, your order will be professionally loaded into the shipping container. Shipping length will depend on the route and availability.

What are your most popular RIB models?2019-10-28T15:50:45+02:00

Our most popular models to date are as follows:

  1. FALCON 450
  2. FALCON 575
  3. FALCON 650
  4. FALCON 520
How long will it take to build my RIB?2019-10-28T15:32:53+02:00

Since we export boats to both the northern and southern hemispheres, our production schedule is spread out quite evenly throughout the year, allowing us to provide you with a competitively priced product. Once an order is received and confirmed, a deposit is required to start manufacturing. Depending on the order, the average production time for a standard order (up to 6 RIBs) with no customisation, will take between 6-8 weeks (ex-factory).

How do you test boats?2019-10-28T15:46:15+02:00

Preliminary development testing is done at Falcon’s privately owned facility located on the banks of the Breede River only 4km from the factory. Secondary development testing is done at the mouth of the Breede River, 80km away, where boats are exposed to notorious & unpredictable inland, breaking surf and open sea conditions. Wherever possible, every completed new boat package is water-tested prior to delivery.

Do you offer shipping?2019-10-28T15:43:17+02:00

We offer complete shipping and transport arrangements. Containers are loaded at our Factory in Swellendam, South Africa by our specialists to ensure proper protection. We have experience in shipping boats to more than 38 countries worldwide. We’re sure to get you the best deal no matter where you are. 

Do I have to pump the tubes every time before I use the RIB?2019-10-28T21:51:09+02:00

No. Because of our unique thermo-welded tube construction our boats generally have a larger air / temperature tolerance than the average RIB.

Can my pets come with my on me inflatable boat?2019-10-28T22:21:07+02:00

Absolutely! Pets are always welcome on inflatable boats. Valmex & TPU materials are made to withstand harsh conditions and won’t puncture easily.

Can I fish with my Falcon RIB and will it puncture easily?2019-10-28T21:52:14+02:00

You can absolutely fish with your Falcon RIB. With all the various deck layouts, our boats offer exceptional deck space. Contrary to popular belief, tubes do not puncture easily due to our unique tube construction.

Are the tubes replaceable?2019-10-28T21:56:58+02:00

Proper care and maintenance will ensure that you extend the lifetime of your boat. All our RIBs come with a standard 5 year warranty, however we’ve had customers send us photos of their near-perfect 20+ year old models. 

In the event that your RIB requires a retube, we offer full retubes on all Falcon models that include the entire tube and finishing. 

Are Falcon RIBs safe at sea?2019-10-28T22:04:34+02:00

Apart from the 4 – 8 safety compartments in the tube, the hull can also float on its own with the tubes deflated due to our signature hull design.

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