We’re proud to introduce our new Falcon F900!

With a brand new and uniquely designed hull, developed from the ground up using conventional prototyping processes over a period of three years, our first sea trials were completed and the Falcon F900 passed with flying colours.

This versatile craft is suitable for serious offshore commercial applications such as Law Enforcement, Patrol and Rescue operations, as well as for commercial dive and large vessel tender and support operations. Recreational users will also be in awe of the possibilities this RIB has to offer with an overall length of 8,990m and a beam of 3,1m , which provides for an exceptionally spacious deck and carrying capacity.

The F900 sets itself apart by excelling in various sea conditions during our initial sea trials. From calm water, through mild and choppy conditions, river mouth surf conditions and up to almost storm-like conditions in a very strong South-Westerly wind along the notorious South-Western Cape coastline. The latter weather conditions  produced a large swell with a 10ft chop and breaking waves everywhere, which would make it very difficult for most small craft to operate at cruise speed or even make way, but the Falcon F900 handled these conditions exceptionally well and even maintained a cruise speed of more than 25 knots (46 kph) in these unfavourable conditions. Top speed recorded was an impressive 55 knots (101kph) with twin 250hp Yamaha outboard motors.

While our F900 test boat currently features a center console, we are actively developing a range of steering cockpit options, including an enclosed cabin. Moreover, the craft can be customised with unlimited options to meet your specific requirements and applications.

Our F900 is now available to order. Speak to our sales team now to secure your order for 2024! Contact us at sales@falconinflatables.com.